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Riber Security use Videofied with webeyeCMS to enhance guarding protection on void property in Derby, UK.

Case Study – Riber Security + WebeyeCMS

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"Great results just days after installing. Represents what can be achieved when all agencies work closely together."

On Friday 27 April RIBER SECURITY were asked by a local authority to provide some patrols for a building they owned in Derby which had been damaged by juveniles throwing projectiles at the windows and more sinister there had also appeared to be theft of copper from the building. They explained that whilst we could assist with Mobile Patrols these would only cover them being on site for around 10 minutes four or five times a night and that anyone in the building would hear the vehicle pull up and make good their escape. Riber were able to offer the Videofied system on the webeyeCMS platform as an alternative, this removed the requirement for them to send an officer into a potentially dangerous situation and also offered the client continuous coverage throughout the night.

Riber arrived on the morning of Saturday 28 April to install the system and had found there has been additional thefts on the Friday night with roof tiles/sinks removed for the copper, the building was in an average state of repair with no power etc. So the Videofied system was a perfect fit and they installed 9 internal detectors. By Sunday 29 April at 6pm they had 3 individuals detained and subsequently arrested for breaking into the building and heading straight to the room where the tiles had previously been removed. The intruders were picked up on cameras entering through the rear door at around 17:41. Riber's Operatives quickly contacted the Police and dispatched their own Mobile Patrols, fortunately the Police Dog Unit was in the area who was soon on site. The footage shows the intruders making their escape through the building, being tracked on all the detectors as they ran through. Riber's Patrol Officer saw the three intruders walking through a park and was able to relay the information to another Patrol Officer who was with the Police who subsequently went and detained all three. Conclusion - a satisfied client and a building which is now no longer being targeted

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